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Liver Care
Adavnced LiverCare has proven itself to us to be the most effective natural formula that we have ever found. All the ingredients are scientific-chosen 100% naturals in composition and purity…making Advanced LiverCare truly unparalleled in its potency and effectiveness. We are happy to inform you that…more and more patients suffering from liver problems are finding solutions through our Liver Support program…is the natural way to help promote and maintain healthy life.
Key Benifits of taking Our Advanced LiverCare :
Liver Care
  • Help the liver in detoxifying all toxins and pollutants
  • Support healthy blood circulation
  • Promote healthy liver and natural function
  • Assist the liver in producing body proteins
  • Promote energy for vibrate health
  • Boost immune function
  • Assist the liver to filter unbalance glucose
  • Improve sense of well-being

Naturally Support Healthy Liver

The majority of people do not realize how vital the liver, our largest internal organ, really is. Liver is the main organ involved in detoxifying your body. Every vein from the digestive tract empties into the liver for filtering out toxins and waste. Therefore, you cannot allow the liver to be over-stressed because it can make other organs start to dysfunction. Many doctors and physicians report that prior to the first sign of many diseases, the effectiveness of the liver has already been reduced and functionally overwhelmed.

The liver has many functions, but the two most important functions are: 1) to convert food into nutrients necessary for life and growth and export to the rest of the body; 2) to detoxify and excrete substances that otherwise would be poisonous.

Advanced LiverCare is a proprietary blend of all the scientific-chosen herbs and vitamins for their natural effectiveness and purity to help you maintain healthy kidney functions.

Healthy liver promotes health balance…the energy and vitality to get moving…and improve over all health.


Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)



Proprietary Blend


Mandrake Root


Dadelion Root


Gentian Root


Milk Thistle


Culver`s Root


Goldenseal Root


Cayenne Pepper








* Daily Value Not Established


Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin (capsules)
This product contains no yeast, wheat, corn, dairy, soy, or glutens.


    • Take 2 capsules 2 times per day with or without food.
    • Continue daily use for maximum benefit.
    • Do not exceed 4 capsules in one day.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
    • This product has a 3 year shelf life.


Your liver is located just under your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. It’s about the size of a football, weighs 3 to 4 pounds and performs hundreds of vital functions. Without it you couldn’t digest food and absorb nutrients, get rid of toxic substances from your body, or stay alive. Serious complications can arise if you develop liver problems. Some liver problems can’t be prevented, such as those that are inherited, but you can take an active role in preventing other liver problems.

Everything you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through your skin eventually reaches your liver. It controls a process called metabolism, in which your liver breaks down nutrients into usable byproducts. These byproducts are delivered to the rest of your body by your bloodstream. Your liver also breaks down toxins into byproducts that can be safely eliminated. Your liver serves as a storage depot for sugar (glucose), which it releases when you need energy. Your liver also works as a chemical factory, producing many substances that perform vital tasks in your body.

Examples include bile, a fluid that carries away waste and helps digest fat in the small intestine, and cholesterol, a substance needed by every cell in your body. Your liver is very resilient in the face of liver problems. It can remain functional after losing most of its cells to disease. It can regenerate in a few weeks, even after much of it has been removed during surgery. However, your liver isn’t indestructible. Liver problems are possible. Excessive alcohol consumption over many years is a leading cause of liver disease.

Too much alcohol can make a normal liver swell with fat, causing a condition called fatty liver. If the fat becomes inflamed, it can lead to either alcoholic hepatitis, a liver problem that causes serious but often reversible liver damage, or cirrhosis, which causes irreversible liver damage. Because of extensive scarring, a cirrhotic liver shrinks to a fraction of its normal size. Viral hepatitis can lead to serious liver problems and is the most common type of liver disease. Hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver. The three types of hepatitis viruses are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Every vein from the digestive tract empties into the liver for filtering out toxins and waste. Therefore, you cannot allow the liver to become over stressed because it can make other organs start to dysfunction. Many doctors and physicians report that prior to the first sign of many diseases, the effectiveness of the liver has already been reduced and functionally overwhelmed.



vitaminCVitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant vitamin for the liver and cuts down toxic damage to the liver cells from chemical overload. It counteracts free radicals produced during the phase I detoxification pathway in the liver. Studies done at the University Michigan Medical School have shown that even doses as low as 500 milligrams daily of vitamin C have helped prevent fatty build-up and cirrhosis of the liver. In addition, doses of 5,000 mg per day have been known to actually flush fats from the liver. A study was done on patients who had been admitted into a hospital with acute alcohol poisoning and were tested with unbelievably high levels of oxidant stress. After using 2,500 mg of vitamin C for ten days, biochemical markers of oxidant stress were decreased by approximately 50%.


mandrake_rootThe name Mandragora is derived from a Greek word implying “hurtful to cattle.” The plant has a large, brown root, somewhat like a parsnip, running 3 or 4 feet deep into the ground, sometimes single and sometimes divided into two or three branches. Immediately from the crown of the root arise several large, dark-green leaves, which at first stand erect, but when grown to full size, reach a foot or more in length and 4 or 5 inches in width.

When the leaves spread open they lie upon the ground. From among these leaves spring the flowers, each on a separate foot-stalk, 3 or 4 inches high. They are somewhat of the shape and size of a primrose. They are succeeded by a smooth, round fruit, about as large as a small apple. The fruits’ color is a deep yellow when ripe. They are full of pulp and have a strong, apple-like scent. The leaves are quite harmless and cooling, and have been used for ointments and other external application. The fresh root operates very powerfully as an emetic and purgative. The plant procures rest and sleep in continued pain.

It also may be effective in convulsions, rheumatic pains, and scrofulous tumors.Mandrake Root consists of the dried rhizome and connected roots of Podophyllum peltatum. The root contains at least four percent resin with podophyllotoxin. Mandrake Root is often used as a topical treatment for warts. Mandrake Root was used by Native Americans as a laxative and to remove intestinal parasites. The root was also used as a tonic for liver, lung, and stomach ailments. A decoction was made by boiling the roots in water and was used to treat rheumatism. In more recent times, Mandrake Root has been investigated for its positive effects on leukemia.


dandelion_rootWhile many people think of the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) as a pesky weed, herbalists consider it a valuable herb with many culinary and medicinal uses. Dandelion is a rich source of vitamins A, B complex, C, and D, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc. Its leaves are often used to add flavor to salads, sandwiches, and teas. The roots can be found in some coffee substitutes, and the flowers are used to make certain wines. In traditional medicine, dandelion roots and leaves were used to treat liver problems. Native Americans also used dandelion decoctions to treat kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and upset stomach. Chinese medicinal practitioners traditionally used Dandelion to treat digestive disorders, appendicitis, and breast problems (such as inflammation or lack of milk flow). In Europe, herbalists incorporated it into remedies for fever, boils, eye problems, diabetes, and diarrhea. Today, Dandelion roots are mainly used as an appetite stimulant, digestive aid, and for liver and gallbladder function. Dandelion leaves are used as a diuretic to stimulate the excretion of urine.


gentian_rootGentian is a bitter, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and gastric stimulant herb that reduces inflammation and lowers fevers. It contains gentiopicroside (also known as gentiopicrin), swertiamarin, sweroside, and a very small amount of amarogentin. Also present are xanthones (gentisin, isogentisin, gentioside), phytosterols, phenolic acid, trisaccharides (gentianose) and polysaccharides (pectin). Gentian is used as a liver tonic that may aid in loss of appetite, digestive problems, flatulence, and insufficient production of gastric juices and saliva. It stimulates the taste buds and promotes the flow of saliva, gastric juices, and bile as a reflex via the nervus vagus. Furthermore it can be used in cases of anorexia and is also an ingredient of homeopathic medicine.


milk_thistleMilk Thistle has been reported to have protective effects on the liver and to improve its function. It is typically used to treat liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis liver inflammation), and gallbladder disorders. The active compound in Milk Thistle is silymarin, a mixture of at least four closely related flavonolignans, 60% to 70% of which is a mixture of 2 diastereomers of silybin. A review of studies of Silymarin and liver disease, which are available on the web, shows an interesting pattern. Studies which tested low dosages of silymarin concluded that silymarin was ineffective while studies which used significantly larger doses concluded that silymarin was biologically active and had therapeutic effects.

Besides having benefits for liver disease, other possible benefits include: lowering cholesterol levels, reducing insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes who also have cirrhosis, and reducing the growth of cancer cells in breast, cervical, and prostate cancers. Milk thistle is also used in many products claiming to reduce the effects of a hangover.


culvers_rootThis native perennial plant is up to 5′ tall and is unbranched, except near the inflorescence. The central stem is round and smooth. Scattered along this stem are 3-7 whorled leaves. These leaves are up to 6″ long and 1½” across with serrated margins. They are ovate to narrowly ovate, and are either sessile or have short petioles. At the apex of the plant are several slender spikes of white flowers up to 8″ long that resemble a candelabra. The narrow tubular flowers are about ¼” long, from which 2 yellow or brown stamens are exerted. These flowers are crowded together all around each spike, blooming from the bottom up. They have no scent. The blooming period usually occurs from early to mid-summer, and lasts about a month.

The tiny seeds can be carried several feet away from the mother plant by the wind. The root system consists of a central taproot and some rhizomes, which enable vegetative reproduction. While in bloom, this plant has an eloquent appearance, although the pretty white flowers rapidly turn brown.The plant’s common name refers to the medicinal usage of the bitter root, which has purgative properties. Culver’s root contains a number of chemicals that have been used in folk medicine. It was named for Dr. Coulvert, an American physician of the late 17th and early 18th century. Culver’s root is known as a gentle relaxer and has a tonic effect on the liver and stomach. It aids in gastro-intestinal problems and helps to eliminate congestion. Culver’s root may help to purify the blood and aids in diarrhea, fevers, food poisoning, liver problems, and stomach disorders.


goldeanseal_rootThis herb has been recommended to heal infections of ears, throat, and many illnesses. Goldenseal also has many other healing properties to fight against fungi, bacteria, parasites, sinusitis, etc. It is thought to be a carrier, or synergistic herb, and an herb that improves the effectiveness of the other herbs with which it is combined. Goldenseal maintains antiseptic properties which may speed up the healing of sore throats and viral infections. The plant may help decrease irritation and inflammation in the lining of the respiratory tract, soothe a cough and sore throat, and stimulate the body’s immune system.


cayenne_pepperThe spice capsicum, the fruits of the genus capsicum (Family Solanaceae), is a very popular food additive in many parts of the world. Cayenne is valued for the important sensory attributes of color, pungency, and aroma. A large number of varieties of cayenne pepper are widely cultivated and traded. Cayenne is an overall tonic that is said to strengthen the immune system and is believed to build up resistance to illness, sore throats, sinus infections, and colds. Cayenne is considered to be anti-inflammatory and may ease aspirin-induced upset stomach and damage due to alcohol. As an astringent, Cayenne is said to be useful in the treatment of diarrhea and may arrest bleeding from ulcers. Cayenne is called a “carrier” or “catalyst” herb that increases the efficacy of almost every other herb or herbal combination. Cayenne is said to speed up the metabolism of fat and may reduce weight gain due to a high fat diet by increasing the liver enzymes accountable for fat metabolism. It may also decrease fat deposits in the liver caused by a high fat diet.


capersCapers are the unripened flower buds of Capparis spinosa, a prickly, perennial plant which is native to the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia. The Caper was used in ancient Greece as a carminative. In Greek popular medicine, an herbal tea made of caper root and young shoots is considered to be beneficial against rheumatism. Caper is a powerful antioxidant bioflavonoid proven to search out super-oxide radicals in the body. Caper is a hepatic stimulant that has been used for improving the functional efficiency of the liver. Recent experimental studies also confirm its protective action on the histological architecture of the liver and the positive effects on liver glycogen and serum proteins.


yarrow_leavesThis herb has been a mainstay in the treatment of bleeding disorders and has been safely used since antiquity to treat a variety of disorders. It is thought to have anti-oxidant properties and helps to promote vascular health. The herb is used in the naturopathic treatment of diabetes for many years.


tamariskTamarisk (as an herb) has been used as an ingredient or substitute in magic spells and formulas related to Saturn matters (endings, exorcism, longevity, protection, purification, and vision). Tamarisk is a hepatic stimulant and also provides digestive support. It restores the functional efficiency of the liver by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and promoting hepatocellular regeneration. Tamarisk has been traditionally used as a hepatic tonic. It contains an alkaloid Tamarixin, which has been linked to its effectiveness in supporting the liver function.


The liver is the main organ involved in detoxifying the body. If the liver is over stressed, it cannot detoxify correctly. This can lead to other organ dysfunctions and poor health. Advanced LiverCARE is an all natural formula designed to help detoxify the liver so the organ can function properly. This product also assists the liver in producing key proteins that the body needs to remain healthy. Advanced LiverCARE has proven to us to be the most effective natural formula that we have ever found. All the ingredients are scientifically-chosen, 100% natural in composition and purity, making Advanced LiverCARE truly unparalleled in its potency and effectiveness. We are happy to inform you that more and more patients suffering from liver problems are finding solutions through Advanced LiverCARE which is a natural way to help promote and maintain a healthy life.


Reactions to Advanced LiverCARE have been rare and have resolved with the cessation of use.


Advanced LiverCARE should not be taken by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Women who are nursing should also avoid taking Advanced LiverCARE. Advanced LiverCARE should not be taken by children under 12 years. Advanced LiverCARE should not be taken by any person with a known sensitivity to any of the individual ingredients. Consult with your regular healthcare provider when starting Advanced LiverCARE in conjunction with prescription medications of any type.


The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this document have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided in this brochure is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information in this brochure for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.





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