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Advanced KidneyCare
Kidney Care
Advanced KidneyCare has proven itself to us to be the most effective natural formula that we have ever found. All the ingredients are scientific-chosen 100% naturals in composition and purity…making Advanced KidneyCare truly unparalleled in its potency and effectiveness.
Key Benifits of taking Our Advanced KidneyCare :
Kidney Care
  • Regulate the composition of your blood
  • Support healthy blood circulation
  • Promote healthy kidneys and natural function
  • Assist in kidney detoxification
  • Regulate your PH balance
  • Boost immune function
  • Promote good urinary functions
  • Improve sense of well-being

Advanced KidneyCare is a proprietary blend of all the scientific-chosen herbs and vitamins for their natural effectiveness and purity to help you maintain healthy kidney functions.

Healthy kidneys promote health balance…the energy and vitality to get moving…and improve over all health.

Kidney failure is on the rise in today’s lifestyle. Therefore, the importance of supporting the kidneys cannot be overemphasized. With the essential functions, the healthy kidneys are essential to maintaining good health. These functions are critical both as a chemical exchange takes place, as waste materials and water leave your blood and enter your urinary system. Without the kidneys, waste products and toxins would build up to dangerous levels in the blood and subsequently damage your body.

These natural ingredients have virtually proven themselves through time to be extremely beneficial in the assistance for the removal of toxins and pollutants out of the body. Blood flows to your kidneys, they then filter the blood by removing various toxins and wastes, and then return the purified blood back to the body.


Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)



Vitamin A (Retinol)



Proprietary Blend


Juniper Berries


Hydrangea Root


Golden Rod Herb


Corn Silk


Watermelon Seed


Parsley Leaf




Goldeanseal Root


Peppermint Leaf


Gravel Root


*Daily Value Not Established


Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin (capsules)
This product contains no yeast, wheat, corn, dairy, soy, or glutens.


    • Take 2 capsules 2 times a day with or without food.
    • Continue daily use for maximum benefit.
    • Do not exceed more than 4 capsules in one day.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
    • This product has a 3 year shelf life.


    INTRODUCTIONBack to top

    The kidneys are complicated organs that have numerous biological roles. Their primary role is to maintain the homeostatic balance of bodily fluids by filtering and secreting metabolites (such as urea) and minerals from the blood and excreting them, along with water, as urine. The kidneys are important regulators of blood pressure, glucose metabolism, and erythropoiesis (the process by which red blood cells (erythrocytes) are produced). In humans, the kidneys are located in the posterior part of the abdominal cavity. There are two, one on each side of the spine. The right kidney sits just below the diaphragm and is posterior to the liver, while the left sits below the diaphragm and is posterior to the spleen. Above each kidney is an adrenal gland (also called the suprarenal gland). The asymmetry within the abdominal cavity caused by the liver results in the right kidney being slightly lower than the left one while the left kidney is located slightly more medial. The kidneys are retroperitoneal and range from 9 to 13 cm in diameter, the left being slightly larger than the right. They are approximately at the vertebral level T12 to L3. The upper parts of the kidneys are partially protected by the eleventh and twelfth rib, and each whole kidney and adrenal gland are surrounded by two layers of fat (the perirenal and pararenal fat) and the renal fascia which help to cushion it. Congenital absence of one or both kidneys, known as unilateral (on one side) or bilateral (on both the sides) can occur. The kidneys receive unfiltered blood directly from the heart through the abdominal aorta which then branches to the left and right renal arteries. Filtered blood then returns by the left and right renal veins to the inferior vena cava and then the heart. Renal blood flow accounts for up to a third of the cardiac output. The kidneys are essential in maintaining a good health. If the kidneys are over stressed or unhealthy, they fail to properly detoxify the body and let waste products and toxins build up to dangerous levels in the blood. This may lead to a large amount of health related problems and subsequently damage the body. Advanced KidneyCare is made with potent, all natural ingredients that may be extremely beneficial in assisting the kidneys in removing toxins and pollutants from the body.



    vitamin_CVitamin C in the urine tends to bind calcium and decrease its free form. Acidic urine will also dissolve magnesium ammonium phosphate stones, which would otherwise require surgical removal. Both the infection and the stone are easily reduced with Vitamin C in large doses. The very common calcium phosphate stone can only exist in a urinary tract that is not acidic. Vitamin C acidifies the urine, thereby dissolving phosphate stones and preventing their formation.

    VITAMIN A RETINOLBack to top

    vitamin_AVitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which is essential for growth and development. It is necessary for healthy skin and mucous membranes (the surfaces in your body that excrete mucous such as the lining in your lungs). It is also important for sight in poor light. Retinol is only found in foods derived from animals including the liver, kidney, eggs and dairy products. Kidney and bladder stones are more common in people whose diets are deficient in Vitamin A.


    juniper_berriesThe Juniper shrub is a shrub that grows four to six feet tall and is found in the Northern Hemisphere. Many cultures in the past have used the Juniper berry for the treatment of cancer, warts, gout, and urinary diseases. Juniper oil has even been found in ancient tombs. The Juniper Berry is also known as Juniper Bark or Juniper Bush. Juniper Berries are amazing when it comes to the kidney and urinary tract system. Its work, speed and power to heal the urinary tract system is so great that many people consider it “magical”. The power of this herb helped many people. Juniper Berries’ nutritional profile includes quercetin, proanthocyanidins, and volatile oil. Juniper berries are very supportive of the urinary system as they help the body maintain proper fluid balance.


    hydrangea_rootOriginally used by the Cherokee Indians as a remedy for kidney stones, Hydrangea was introduced to early American settlers for similar purposes. Hydrangea’s greatest use is in the aid of inflamed or enlarged prostate glands.It may also be used for urinary stones or gravel associated with infections such as cystitis. A common shrub, Hydrangea is a bitter and a solvent. Its solvent properties nutritionally support the urinary system.


    golden_rod_herbIn folk medicine, goldenrod was used to treat such diverse conditions as rheumatism, gout, diabetes, hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, enlarged prostate, asthma, enlarged liver, tuberculosis, mouth and throat infections, and festering wounds. Goldenrod is an aquaretic agent (promotes the loss of water from the body) most frequently used to treat urinary tract inflammation and to prevent the development of kidney stones.


    Cranberry_Vaccinium_MacrocarponCranberry has been used as both a food and a medicine for centuries. It is native to North America and was used by Native Americans to treat bladder and kidney diseases. Cranberry is a relatively small, red berry which grows on low-hanging vines in temperate zones in many regions of the United States and other parts of the world. Cranberry is a member of the same family of plants as bilberry and blueberry. Cranberry can be taken as a juice, the whole berry, or from an extract. The active ingredients in Cranberry include chemical compounds called proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are potent antioxidants that appear to be able to decrease bacterial adherence to the bladder epithelium cells. The main benefit of this action is that bacteria have less likelihood of grouping together to cause bladder infection, urinary tract infections, and other related conditions. Many people take cranberry supplements to prevent urinary tract infections caused by bacteria. Specifically, the proanthocyanidins found in Cranberry appear to block the adhesive strands on the E. coli bacteria from sticking to a surface whereby inhibiting their ability to stick to the cell walls of the uterus and bladder.

    CORNSILKBack to top

    cornsilkCornsilk, also known as mother’s hair, are long, silky threads that cover the corn. Cornsilk is best used when fresh, but it is also available in the market in many other forms such as powder, capsule, tea, and extract. Cornsilk juice is a powerful and effective diuretic. It is very effective in all sorts of kidney related problems (inflammation of the bladder, urinary tract infection, and painful urination). Cornsilk tea can also help reduce prostate inflammation.


    water_mellon_seedWatermelon Seeds are eaten in other parts of the world. In Nigeria, the seeds of certain types of watermelon are made into soup. They are eaten in China, as well, although the outer skin is removed by rubbing or scorching it off. Nutritionally speaking, watermelon seeds are amazing. An ounce of dried Watermelon Seed kernels contains about 3 grams of zinc (or 25 percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for a woman under 50), and 2 grams of iron (or 14 percent of the RDA). Watermelon contains a lot of potassium, which is very helpful in cleaning or washing off the toxic depositions in the kidneys. Moreover, it is helpful in reducing concentration of uric acid in the blood, thereby reducing the chances of kidney damages and formation of renal calculi in it.


    parsley_leafParsley is high in iron content and rich in vitamins A, B, C and other trace minerals. The plant’s leaves, seeds, and roots all have medicinal value in the treatment of diseases of the bladder and kidneys, (gravel, stones, congestion, and jaundice) and for rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica.


    codonopsisCodonopsis is a small perennial native to Asia, which is especially abundant in the Shanxi and Szechuan provinces of China. Codonopsis has been used in China for over 2,000 years as a tonic for the lungs and spleen. It also strengthens and nourishes the blood and balances metabolic function. Historically, Codonopsis is thought to have properties similar to ginseng. The Chinese name for Codonopsis, dangshen, indicated that it was ginseng from the Shandang region. Shen is the key term to describe ginseng or a ginseng-like herb. Like ginseng, Codonopsis is referred to as an adaptogen, a substance that non-specifically enhances and regulates the body’s ability to withstand stress. Adaptogens increase the body’s general performance in ways that help the whole body resist disease. Codonopsis is thought to benefit the entire body by boosting strength, increasing stamina and alertness, rejuvenating the body, strengthening the immune system, aiding recovery from chronic illness, reducing stress, and stimulating the appetite.


    goldenseal_rootGoldenseal is native to eastern North America and is cultivated in Oregon and Washington. It is seriously threatened by over-harvesting in the wild. The dried root and rhizome are used in herbal medicine.Goldenseal has been used in connection with the following conditions: gastritis, indigestion, infection, and urinary tract infection.

    PEPPERMINT LEAFBack to top

    peppermint_leafPeppermint Leaf helps improve circulation within the body and is effective at discouraging the growth of many unwanted fungi and bacteria. Therefore, your kidneys do not need to work as hard to help the immune system fight off infections. Peppermint Leaf also helps to break down fats, reduce bad cholesterol, and inhibit the growth of obstacles in the kidney and gallbladder.


    marsh_mallowMarshmallow Root is an herb that helps the digestive tract and overall health. Marshmallow root is not related to the marshmallows that you would buy at your local grocery store in the food isle. Marshmallow Root may provide many benefits for your overall health. It can help you with bladder infections and stomach cramps. If you have a dry cough, sipping the tea will help control it. It is also known to help with diarrhea and other bowl disorders. An old wives’ tale says drinking marshmallow tea will help pass kidney stones.


    gravel_rootGravel root tones the reproductive tract and is used to treat inflammation of the prostate, pelvic inflammatory disease, and menstrual cramping. It encourages excretion of excess uric acid and helps aid with rheumatism and gout. The common name Gravel Root, reflects its main use as a diuretic used to aid with urinary infections and stones / gravel.


    The kidneys are essential in maintaining a good health. If the kidneys are over stressed or unhealthy, they fail to properly detoxify the body and let waste products and toxins build up to dangerous levels in the blood. This may lead to a large amount of health related problems and subsequently damage the body. Advanced KidneyCare is made with potent, all natural ingredients that may be extremely beneficial in assisting the kidneys in removing toxins and pollutants from the body. While taking Advanced KidneyCare you may experience the following health benefits: a clean and regulated blood composition, healthy blood circulation, healthy and well functioning kidneys, a detoxified body, a regulated PH balance, a strong immune system, an excellent functioning urinary system, a better sense of well being, and an overall better health.


    Take 2 capsules 2 times a day with or without food. Continue daily use for maximum benefit. Do not exceed more than 4 capsules in one day. Store in a cool and dry place. Excesses of temperatures and humidity may affect the potency of the product. This product has a 3 year shelf life. Advanced KidneyCare is supplied in a gelatin, dye free capsule in bottles of 60 capsules.


    Reactions to Advanced KidneyCare have been rare and have resolved with the cessation of use.


    Advanced KidneyCare should not be taken by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Women who are nursing should also avoid taking Advanced KidneyCare. Advanced KidneyCare should not be taken by children under 12 years. Advanced KidneyCare should not be taken by any person with a known sensitivity to any of the individual ingredients. Consult with your regular healthcare provider when starting Advanced KidneyCare Formula in conjunction with prescription medications of any type.


    The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this document have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided in this brochure is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information in this brochure for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

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